AquaParc in Le Bouveret – VD

AquaParc, located in Le Bouveret, is one of Europe’s largest water parks with amazing attractions for kids and adults. The indoor park is heated to 28-30 degrees and the massive outdoor area is open during summer time. The park is divided in 5 universes:Little Ones, Family, Sensations, Outside and the newest creation, Sharkyland. The latter […]

The Jump Spot; a must do in Lausanne – VD

The “Jump Spot” in Lausanne is the biggest indoor trampoline park in Switzerland. There are 150 trampolines! You can try so many different games that you don’t know which one to start with. There is a trapeze, a warrior trail, a volleyball and basketball bouncing court, a tower, and so much more. One of the […]