Family adventures in Switzerland

Family adventures in Switzerland

About Us - the 3Ks

In the spring of 2017 a dramatic event hit us pretty hard. It felt as if a streak of lightening traversed our lives making us realize how short and precious time is.

Memories last forever

Building long lasting  happy memories has become my motivation in life, and it has proven to be a healthy therapy too.  I am constantly looking for new places to discover, and seeking for new adventures to try out with the two loves of my life. The COVID prevented us from travelling abroad, but allowed us to uncover even more the beauties of this amazing country that we proudly call home.

When some of my closest friends told me that they were inspired by our adventures, and invited me to share them broadly, launching myself into this project became an evidence.

So If you love to adventure, to discover and to enjoy memorable times, but you lack of ideas, this blog will help you find your inspiration. It includes a selection of most of the places we have visited in Switzerland, as well as cool activities to try out with family and friends.

We have personally tried every single activity listed in here. As we live in Montreux, so far we have mostly adventured ourselves in the near cantons. But we’ll keep feeding you with more wide-ranging Suisse adventures.

You will find indoor and outdoor activities including hiking, biking, swimming, snowshoeing, and harvesting; to mention some. There is something for each season too. I chose to leave skiing out of the list as I don’t practice it, and therefore can’t advise much.

There are no more excuses, you just need to take that step and get ready for your new adventure!

The 3 Ks

Stay tuned !

Coup de Coeur

What's NEW ..?


Switzerland is a huge open play ground with fascinating activities for all ages and every taste. 

Switzerland has countless rivers and around 1,500 lakes, over 65 000 kilometers of waymarked trails,  and more than 5,00 biking trails, virtually every corner of Switzerland is waiting to be discovered.  But there is more than that; water activities, sledding, snowshoeing, surfing, tree climbing, you name it. 

If weather is not inviting, don’t worry. There are lots of cool indoor entertaining places to have good fun. 

To be perfectly honest, we are more seeking to enjoy the fresh air, but there is still a fair amount of indoor adventures here to try out.  Between climbing, jump parks, painting, museums, laser-tag and much more, there is a large choice of places to enjoy regardless of the weather or the season. 

Spring - Autumn

The warm sunshine feels so good on our skin, and melts away our winter blues. Colorful blooms are popping up and the nature is calling.


There’s something magical about wintertime. All you need is a little shift in perspective to enjoy winter wonderland in Switzerland.

All seasons

Never mind what season we are into, or if it is a rainy day, there is no reason to stay home when you can go for an adventure.

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Ideas for new adventures?

If you have good plans to share and would like to contribute to expand the list of adventures proposed, send us an email; we will make all our best to experience it personally and publish it here.

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