Verzasca Valley and “Ponte dei Salti” – TI

The Verzasca valley is ideal for hiking, biking or simply relaxing in nature. The emerald-green color of the Verzasca river water is unbelievable; and its polished gorges and deep natural pools are ideal for summer bathing. The most photographed object is the arched “Ponte dei Salti” in Lavertezzo; a real eye catcher. Better to be […]

Cimetta mountain,. amazing views! – TI

Up from Cimetta mountain (1,670 meters high), you can enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Maggiore and the Locarno region. From up there you can appreciate two extremes of Switzerland; the lowest point being the delta of the Maggia river; as well as the highest spot, the Dufourspitze in Monte Rosa massif. To get up there, […]

Fontana and its charming stone bridge – TI

Maggia Valley is full of charming spots. We stopped at Fontana and it’s Roman bridge. The crystalline water running through these massive rocks is so inviting for a swim, but the water was really cold. It’s like a giant play park and we loved climbing around the rocks. You can make pretty nice hikes around […]

Tibetan bridge of “Carasc” – TI

Crossing the 270m long Tibetan bridge of “Carasc” in Bellinzona is a real challenge. The bridge is anchored at a height of almost 700m and it is 130m above the ground. It weighs 50 about tons. It joins the stone made village of Curzutt to the hiking path of Via de la Vigne. To reach […]

Ascona, the “Pearl of Lake Maggiore” – TI

Ascona is located on the northern shore of Lago Maggiore in Ticino, near the delta of the Maggia river, on the shores of a splendid and sunny bay. It’s famous for its beautiful lake promenade but also its old colorful town with narrow streets (car-free) full of cafés, restaurants, hotels and boutiques. It’s a very […]

Foroglio waterfall – TI

The Foroglio waterfall (110m high) is the most spectacular in Ticino. Located in the Bavona Valley at the top of Maggia Valley, the waterfall and the gracious stone village only few steps away are of a rare beauty. You can spend few hours climbing the rocks of the waterfall or along the river, and enjoy […]