Mushroom hunting with a mycology expert – VD

Yesterday we went for a very instructive and insightful guided forest hike with Joachim Halgrain, a mushroom expert (but not only..) Expert in mycology, this passionate Vaudois organizes walks to familiarize yourself with species less popular than the traditional boletes, chanterelles and morels, but just as edible and tasty. Joachim Halgrain introduces the little-known mushrooms […]

Kicking-axe indoors @ AXERS in Crissier – VD

The rainy weather during the past weekend didn’t discourage us… …ohh noo!, we felt SHARP, hit the TARGET and had a “KICK-AXE” time 🪓🪓🪓 Where?: @axers in Crissier. This is an original and fun activity to do with family, friends or colleagues. And if you become an “AXEpert”thrower, you’ll go home with the glory of hitting the […]

Biking from Solalex up to Giacomini refuge – VD

Last Sunday we had a lovely brunch with friends @miroirargentine restaurant in Solalex.And in order to burn those extra calories we went for a short but rather physical bike ride up to the Giacomini refuge located 500m above Solalex. The refuge is situated on the valley of Anzeindaz between Gryon and Derborence (another gorgeous destination – see […]

Unforgettable canyoning adventure in the spectacular gorges of Torneresee – VD

Canyoning in the Torneresse (Château d’Œx) was an unforgettable and amazing experience. This is a canyon with spectacular scenery. During 2 hours, you face different fun challenges. There are various jumps and slides on the rock polished by the water. The first part is open and the second part happens completely in the canyon where […]

Paragliding, a dream came true! – VD

Dreams have the power to give you wings and make you fly high. 🪂🪂🪂 After a long wait, finally one of our son’s biggest dreams became a reality thanks to @adrenaline_fly And his dream was shared with one of his Austrian cousins visiting us in Switzerland. Literally she also flew out of the nest 😅 Adrenaline […]

Let’s get your hands dirty while creating a unique piece of art – VD

” A potter is one of the few people left who uses his natural faculties of heart, head and hands in balance” ✍️ Bernard Leach Today we experienced and learned Pottery at the Atelier du Mûrier in Montreux. Held by two dynamic and passionate ceramists, this lovely little workshop offers a moment of escape through […]