Canyoning in the Torneresse (Château d’Œx) was an unforgettable and amazing experience.

This is a canyon with spectacular scenery. During 2 hours, you face different fun challenges. There are various jumps and slides on the rock polished by the water. The first part is open and the second part happens completely in the canyon where the cliffs rise to over 100 meter and the canyon is very narrow. At one place, you can touch the two cliffs with your hands.

For this adventure we chose Rivières-Aventures; an experienced company which proposes lots of summer and winter activities in the Pays d’Enhaut.

We had a blast; the kids were fearless (unlike me who took my time on the high jumps) and simply loved the experience.

Eduardo (Edu) was our guide; he pulled us out of our comfort zone in a fun way.

Too bad that the heat wave made rafting impossible these last weeks. Indeed, the water level was quite low. But we’ll come back for more adventures.

I totally recommend this canyoning for kids 12 y/o and above; or La Time (not far from each other) accesible for younger kids. We did La Tine last year, but I lost my phone inside the canyon so no photos 😭😭.








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