Mushroom hunting with a mycology expert – VD

Yesterday we went for a very instructive and insightful guided forest hike with Joachim Halgrain, a mushroom expert (but not only..) Expert in mycology, this passionate Vaudois organizes walks to familiarize yourself with species less popular than the traditional boletes, chanterelles and morels, but just as edible and tasty. Joachim Halgrain introduces the little-known mushrooms […]

Quand automne rime avec vendanges!! – VD

This year we had the opportunity to participate in the « vendanges » or grape’s harvesting season in the Lavaux; a UNESCO World Heritage site. Thanks to Constance from L’ATELIER Oeno’ludique who, after a warm welcome, introduced us to the know-how of wine-growers and grape pickers. It’s fascinating!!! This is a paying activity and for CHF 30 […]

Self-picking strawberries in Mathod – VD

We have come to Mathod (in the north of Lausanne) several times when the strawberry season arrives usually in June. Here you can do self-picking and eat for free as many strawberries as you can. Then you pay per kg what you bring home with you. The fields are really big; when you arrive, you […]

Mushroom hunting in Gryon – VD

With the arrival of the autumn, we love going into the forest to hunt for mushrooms and afterwards, cook a delicious pasta or risotto. One of our favorite spots for this is in Gryon, very close to Villars. This is a lovely walk (can be done in a loop) also during summer when the fields […]

Self-harvesting in Schiffenen – FR

Self-harvesting is rather usual in Switzerland. The principle is quite ludic, you eat for free all what you pick directly from the fields, and you pay by kg what you bring home. There are lots of places; but the self-pick farm at Schiffenen is simply fantastic. The variety of fruits, salads and flowers is incredible. […]