Crossing the 270m long Tibetan bridge of “Carasc” in Bellinzona is a real challenge. The bridge is anchored at a height of almost 700m and it is 130m above the ground. It weighs 50 about tons. It joins the stone made village of Curzutt to the hiking path of Via de la Vigne. To reach the bridge, we first took a tiny cable car and then hiked up for about 1.5 hours. It is a beautiful but demanding hike through the forest. My husband and kid who are not height lovers were a bit disappointed as they couldn’t manage to cross the bridge. I took it as a personal challenge but it wasn’t easy.

The Curzútt-San Barnárd Foundation is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the bridge and access paths. Like all attractions, the bridge needs routine maintenance to ensure maximum safety for those crossing it. You can find a scanning QR code at both sides of the bridge to make a donation if you wish to help.

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