Can autumn get any better?

Today we discovered the Arboretum through a lovely 5km hike immersed in a magical patchwork of warm colors.

Located in the proximity of Aubonne, near Rolle, the Arboretum cultivates thousands of trees for scientific research. It aims at species protection and at providing a pleasant natural site for walks.

Since 1968, the national Arboretum has regrouped nearly 4,000 trees, bushes and ligneous plants on an agricultural and forest site covering an area of 200 hectares.

There are different walking paths (see map in the photos below) and several picnic spots all over the park.

In addition to the pleasure of the eyes, the Arboretum works for the survival of the species, for example by maintaining an orchard of yesteryear, where apple and rose trees are particularly well cared for.

The visitor center and its exhibitions, as well as the Wood Museum, provide valuable additional information on all aspects of arboriculture.




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