Mountain bike – VTT trails in Aigle – VD

We wanted to do some relatively easy and at the same time exciting VTT mountain trails. And we found a great spot in Aigle, just behind the Parc Aventure (tree climbing park). Actually you can start by biking the road up just up from the park. The road is quite steep if you don’t have […]

Biking around the Magnificent Castle of Aigle – VD

This is an easy bike ride around the Aigle Castle and the charming town that surrounds it. The imposing castle rises out of the vineyards of the Chablais region. It was built in the 12th century to protect Aigle. Later on in history, this castle hosted a hospital, a prison and even a court. It […]


We often come to the UCI Center (International Cycling Union) in Aigle. It is a world class training facility. Here you can watch top athletes training in different cycling disciplines. As Pump track racing is now a UCI official worldwide sport, in the UCI center they have a pump track and one for kids too. […]