Snowshoeing in Les Paccots – FR

This is a fond memory from 2018 of a really nice snowshoe hike in Les Paccots. As we approach the season, I thought it was good to make this post. Les Paccots region is considered by many as the paradise for snowshoeing. There are several marked paths that bring you through snow-covered forests. I love […]

An autumn hike full of fun in Les Paccots – FR

These are lovely memories from the autumn of 2018. We went for a hike up in Les Paccots, a village and a small ski resort of the Swiss Prealps, located in the canton of Fribourg. After reaching the top of the hill, the kids had the idea of using the “tire-fesses” or ski drag lift […]

Hiking up in Les Paccots – FR

Hiking up in Les Paccots. This was a sunny day and with apparently great conditions to fly those model planes. We learned that it was actually a “dogfight” what was going on. It is a serious aerial battle where the goal is to crash the opponents. These tournaments get pretty serious. After our hike we […]