Sledding in Siviez – VS

The Nendaz winter sled run is located in Siviez near the ski slopes. It is not too long (only 3 km long), but quite fun and suitable for young kids. You can take the chairlift or walk up, which will make the descent even more rewarding. It is recommended to check for the snow report […]

Snowshoeing in Siviez – VS

While my husband and son were enjoying some early morning skiing in Siviez, a friend and I went snowshoeing. It was a rather sporty hike, but the combination of fresh snow and blue skies made it so much worth the effort. The are different trails; this one is a round-trip hike through fields and forests on […]

Mountain e-biking in Siviez – VS

E-biking in Siviez was a great discovery, thanks to our friends who insisted on how beautiful the region is during the summer. This was a relatively easy ride and good for kids too. Departing from Nendaz, we reached Siviez biking through the forest road of l’Alplanie. Siviez offers pretty picnic spots along the banks of […]