Hike through Mont-Pèlerin forest – VD

What a mosaic of colors!!!! There is definitely something incredibly nostalgic and fascinating about autumn. We hiked through a magical forest in Mont-Pèlerin, few minutes from home. It was a beautiful bright autumn day with the sun shining and making the adventure simply stunning. Mont-Pèlerin is perched on the hills above Lavaux, a UNESCO World […]

Ascona, the “Pearl of Lake Maggiore” – TI

Ascona is located on the northern shore of Lago Maggiore in Ticino, near the delta of the Maggia river, on the shores of a splendid and sunny bay. It’s famous for its beautiful lake promenade but also its old colorful town with narrow streets (car-free) full of cafés, restaurants, hotels and boutiques. It’s a very […]