This adventure is not a recent one, but it’s was an extraordinary opportunity to visit this place, and I thought it was worth sharing it here.

Three years ago we were invited to a wedding in a unique venue, the Claude Nobs chalets located up in the hills of Montreux, in Caux.

When Claude Nobs moved to the hills of Montreux in the 80’s, everybody told him: “Claude you are crazy, nobody is going to come to see you here in the mountains!” He followed his dreams, transformed the place into a wonderland and invited all the artists. They came, they enjoyed and they returned. From Quincy Jones to David Bowie, they all met and shared at the house of the passionate and visionary founder of the Montreux Jazz Festival.

The Claude Nobs Chalets are one of the most unique and inspiring meeting spots. The setting transports you to the greatest times of the MontreuxJazz festival (MJF); you feel like a VIP allowed to see and touch most of the priceless treasures gathered throughout time.

The Picotin chalet acts today as the Headquarters of the Claude Nobs Foundation, dedicated to the preservation of the audiovisual collection from the MJF inscribed in 2013 in the UNESCO memory of the world register.

Claude Nobs (1936-2013) created the MJF in 1967 and covered 46 editions as Director. When you visit the chalets, you are fully immersed inside his daily life and his different hobbies and passions (like his incredible miniature train collection).

The catering company was btw amazing. I certainly keep this in the top-of-the-list of my preferred venues.

I chose to classify this very specific post under “city/town discovery” as this can be coupled with a lovely visit to Montreux town which offers plenty of attractions (see specific post).






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