On Sunday we discovered the truly impressive Lac de L’Hongrin, just above Col de Mosses. It’s an amazing feat of engineering set against an unspoilt natural backdrop.

I don’t know if it was the blue sky, the autumn warm colors or the shining sun that upgraded the overall experience, but OMG!!!, it was dazzling, captivating, fascinating….. The pristine color of the lake is simply breathtaking!

We wanted to do the full 25km loop proposed in a biking app; but just after the dam, you have to enter into the forest and carry your bike along a very narrow hiking trail until you reach the road. After 50m we knew it was a difficult task with the heavier e-bikes, so we decided to go back the same way as we arrived.

We still managed to do 18km. It’s a rather easy road with almost no traffic and a very low elevation.

And no regrets 😀 as it allowed us to enjoy the lake views even longer (the road on the other side of the lake is busy and does not offer similar views).

The lake is a reservoir; the dam was completed in 1969. It has a height of 123m, but its main characteristic and what makes it unique in the world, it’s the double vault.

This is perfect spot for fishing and picnics. There are no restaurants around the lake.





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