The Aare Gorge between Meiringen and Innertkirchen was a nice and refreshing visit during the heatwave.

Over thousands of years, the river has carved out a deep bed in the limestone.

The gorge is nearly 200 metres deep and barely more than a metre wide at its narrowest point.
The fascinating, narrow canyon is the result of hard limestone formations, which hindered the flow of the Aare from the Grimsel region.

The 1.4 kilometre long path through this gorge is an easy 40-minute walk.
You can return using the public hiking trail over Lammi Pass or the train.

This hike lasts around one hour.

The opening hours are to be checked on the official website. For 2022 season they are as following:

Aare Gorge west entrance: 2 April 2022 – 1 November 2022

Aare Gorge east entrance: 14 May 2022 – 1 November 2022

Children under 6 years old entrance is free.




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