Today was a ski day for my husband and son, and so I went for a hike.

I took the chairlift up to La Foilleuse; first I walked towards Champoussin to get the best 360° views from the top of the mountain.

From here, you will enjoy one of the region’s most spectacular views of the Dents du Midi and surrounding alps.

After filling my lungs with the cleanest air, getting enough sun on my skin and nourishing my soul with such beauty, I hiked down from Savolaire till Morgins town.

There are 2 hike options:
– one following the snowed road; wider, easier but a bit longer.
– through the forest; narrower, steeper and more challenging, but a bit shorter.

I did 7km and took 2H30 with plenty stops to take pictures 😉. If you prefer, you can do this spectacular loop starting at the bottom station of the Foilleuse chairlift. I classified it under a free activity as you don’t need to pay the chairlift to walk up.

Despite the perfect snow conditions and the brightest sun, the ski slopes were practically empty. I crossed almost nobody during my hike; it was almost unreal.




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