This is a unique opportunity to admire the latest monumental fresco from the French-Suisse artist Saype, who lived few years in Bulle. This renowned urban artist who paints on grass just finished this incredible 1,500 m2 fresco titled “Un Nouveau Souffle”. It represents a young kid who plays, not with bubbles, but with clouds. He expresses the difficult moments due to the pandemic, but wants to give hope through some lightness, imagination and daydreams.
This biodegradable massive piece of art can be admired until mid-September 2021. To see it, you need to climb up to the summit of the Moléson mountain.
Saype is his pseudonym and comes from “Say” and “Peace”, two words that he used in his graffitis since his first artworks.
We literally climbed up and touched the clouds, but still were able to admire this piece of work. However it was not possible to stay longer to enjoy the amazing views from the summit as it was very cold in the middle of the clouds.

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