Glacier 3000 is a big attraction all year long. It offers a breathtaking panorama of more than 20 snow-capped 4,000m giant peaks such as the Jungfrau, Eiger, Matterhorn and even the Mont Blanc. There are countless activities including the Peak Walk by Tissot, which is the only suspended bridge that connects two peaks. You can obviously ski and / or snowboard, walk around the glacier, sledding, visit the ice cathedral and ride the alpine coaster, just to mention some activities. We did few rides on the alpine coaster; it was really cool. IMPORTANT: It operates daily from May to September as per the opening times of the Col du Pillon – Scex Rouge aerial ropeways and subject to weather conditions (after heavy snowfall and in high winds, the Alpine Coaster may be closed).
Our visit transformed into a full adventure as the cable car main mechanism broke down and we were stuck up till late evening. We never felt in danger of course, but we were the last gondola 🚠 to go down. During our waiting time, we couldn’t get out of the main restaurant due to the dropping temperatures, so they completely opened the bar and restaurant and offered us for free all what we wanted. The personnel even prepared some delicious meat & cheese plates to make our waiting more bearable; bravo!!.

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