Today’s adventure included some thrill around the station Birg situated on the rocky massif, 1000 m above Mürren picturesque town (above Lauterbrunnen).
Birg is the middle station of the cable car between Mürren and Schilthorn. This station provides a lot of adrenaline, because there are various exposed attractions. It is definitely worth making a stop on the way to the Schilthorn to discover these sights.

The main attraction is the Thrill Walk. Starting at the Birg terrace, it leads down to the vertical walls of the imposing rock massif. The 200-metre-long steel structure clings to the rocks and has a variety of sections, providing a heady interplay of air, reinforced glass and steel grating. Around 20 meters of glass-bottomed floor are followed by 7.5 meters of cattle grid-like elements. A 9-metre-long Nepalstyle rope bridge and an 8-metre-long crawl-through tunnel especially for kids (brave adults might want to have a go too!) have also been installed. Admission to the Thrill Walk is free of charge.
A great view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau await you here.



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