Over the past ten years, many metal suspended footbridges have been installed in French-speaking Switzerland and in particular in the canton of valais.

The construction of metal footbridges is very recent since the vast majority of them have been built since 2010.

The only two truly old footbridges are the Niouc footbridge in the Val d’Anniviers from the Turrian bridge to Château d’Oex.

There are currently 14 located in French-speaking Switzerland over 30 meters.

Suspended walkways can be suitable for the whole family, small children, teenagers, adults or the elderly. They are perfectly secure.

Among the 14 footbridges, 9 footbridges are accessible in less than 15 minutes on foot.

The suspended bridge of Torgon in Vionnaz measures 150m long and was built in 2012. If I’m correct, it is the third longest out of the 14 in French-speaking Switzerland





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