During this long weekend we discovered the 700 m summer toboggan at La Vue-des-Alpes, Neuchâtel.

At the end of the run, all you want to do is ….. start over!

It was great fun and obviously my son and husband tried to beat their speed records every time 😅. It seems that you can reach up to 40 kph!.

The toboggan at La Vue-des-Alpes is a sports installation made of a stainless steel track in the shape of a trough on which sleds on wheels go down.

The track is made of custom-made straight and bent elements that perfectly fit the curbs and bumps of the slope.

Children younger than 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult or young person older than 12 (minimal height: 150 cm).

Have a look at the videos below; you’ll want to try this out!!!







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