The “First Glider” at Grindelwald is definitely a top adventure. It’s a four passenger bird shaped zip line that flies through the mountain landscape at high speed. My husband and son both preferred to go downhill in a more tranquil manner. So while they rode down in scooters, me and our buddies put on our feathers and got ready to fly.
To begin with, the First Glider is pulled backwards from Schreckfeld towards First at 72 km/h. Okay, that is already action-packed!!!. But It is on the way back that the eagle really takes off gliding the 800m long flight route at up to 83 km/h. To note that the minimum size required to fly is 130cm. There is also the ZipRider (also called First Flieger), a sitting zip line of 756m long with a vertical drop of 205m and a top speed of 88 km/h. We couldn’t do it as it turned too windy just minutes before our turn 😩. It’s a very popular attraction also opened in winter, how cool is that?

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