To all the families who want to bring the kids sledding, but hate the heavy traffic and huge crowds like what we witnessed today, I thought it is wise to share this other location.

As you can see in the last photo; today it was a headache to reach the main Parking Les Motalles. I can’t even imagine how busy was the sled run.

Well, just few minutes from there you’ll find a beautiful option.

Address: Route de Vallon 6, Villard-sur- Chamby,

The École Suisse de Ski Montreux Riviera is here.

There were literally 4 families and us, so we had some good runs without the stress of running into dozens of other kids.

Of course it has its has few disadvantages: no restaurant nearby and no pulling device. But it’s a good option I thought it was worth sharing.

Beautiful surroundings btw 😉





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