The gorges de l’Areuse in Neuchatel are probably the most spectacular that we’ve visited so far. From Noiraigue to Boudry, it’s an 11km trail. It’s a captivating trail with exotic vegetation, narrow passages through cliffs and awesome rock walls as well as waterfalls. The color of the water is green turquoise; so beautiful. Definitely, a revitalizing and marveling hike.

The starting point for this attractive hike through the Areuse Gorge is the small village of Noiraigues in the Val de Travers. The upper entrance to the Areuse Gorge is around a kilometer from here. The route follows the railway line and the valley soon narrows dramatically. The incredible gorge experience, with the idyllic old stone bridge, is near the “Saut de Brot”. As the trail passes Champ du Moulin, it returns to being more of a small valley than a gorge before narrowing again. The route crosses small bridges and leads through pedestrian tunnels. The spectacle ends abruptly at one of the power stations. A final bridge and a short climb then takes you to Boudry railway station.

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