The Valley of Derborence, a hidden unspoiled piece of paradise in earth. This is the youngest natural lake in Switzerland (~300 hundred years). It was created after two immense landslides. Today, the pristine lake, the virgin pine forests and the valley itself are a natural reserve and therefore well protected.
As for the anecdote, we were stopped by the forest guard as biking is NOT allowed; even walking around certain areas is prohibited as the fauna may be disturbed. We honestly didn’t know and there are no signs around.
So what to do in Derborence?; well, just relax and enjoy the spectacular views. But if you prefer, this is the paradise for hikers and a starting point for many different trails.
There’s no access to Derborence in winter and you have to love driving on a very narrow two-way twisting road with carved tunnels to get there. It is really a dream for those who love romantic narrow mountain roads, like my husband. And believe me, the views and the experience are unique and much worth it.

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