In Lauterbrunnen there are several campsites to stay in. We were lucky to get a placement in the 5* Jungfrau campsite which is ideally located facing the internationally popular Staubbach waterfalls, and surrounded by steep rocky walls and colorful meadows. The campsite has very good and clean sanitary installations, a restaurant, a pizzeria (the best pizzas we have had in long time), a bar, a shop, a playground and very friendly staff. You can bring your tent, caravan, camper or choose from what looks to be very cozy and comfortable cottages and cabins for up to 6 guests.
From our tent, we had the best views of the waterfalls. I walked up to reach the back of the Staubbach falls from which you can get a full view of the Jungfrau campsite.
From the campsite there are lots of easy walks and biking paths along the valley. Restaurants and shops are walking distance.

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