Labyrinthe Adventure Is an amusement park in Evionnaz, near Martigny, where families can easily spend a full day of leisure. It’s mostly targeted for kids up to 12 years old, although some attractions like the huge slides are loved by older kids and adults too. The park has a huge labyrinth made of cedar trees with plenty of slides, climbing walls and footbridges that allow you to pass between the tree walls. There are lots of attractions including the tower slides, a summer buoy slide, tricycles for the little ones, a zip line, playground areas, several bouncy castles and more. Even though it is mostly an outdoor amusement park, they have a covered area with plenty of agility or thinking games for all ages. There’s a restaurant, but you can also bring your picnic. Many families choose this park to celebrate birthday parties. The park is open every day from mid March to end of October.

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