Reaching the summit of the Titlis was a full adventure by itself. Despite the freezing temperatures at 3020 meters, the breathtaking views are the best reward.

There are several activities awaiting for you at the top including a suspended bridge, the ice flyer, the glacier cave, the cliff walk and of course the starting point of great skiing slopes.

You’ll need approx. 30min to reach the summit. See last video 👀

🚡 TITLIS Xpress Engelberg – Trübsee

🚡 TITLIS Xpress Trübsee – Stand

🚠 Rotair Stand – TITLIS 🌟🌟🌟

🌟🌟🌟 The TITLIS Rotair cable car rotates its way up towards the snow-covered summit of TITLIS.

🚠 The world’s first revolving cable car transports you from the middle station at Stand up to the summit station at 3,020 metres above sea-level. It revolves 360 degrees during the five-minute trip, treating you to idyllic panoramic views of steep rock faces, deep crevasses and distant snow-covered mountain peaks.





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