Due to COVID, the pools were closed during a long period, but yesterday we were finally able to do the “baptême de plongée” or first scuba diving experience for our son (accompanied by my husband). We booked this amazing activity through the Scuba Shop in Villeneuve. His instructor Martin was fabulous; he explained clearly all the security measures and made him feel very comfortable during the entire experience. We started at the shop to get all the materials and then moved to the public swimming pool of Villeneuve. Count 4 hours for the full experience. When you reserve, you need to ask which pool they are working with as this may change with time. The public pool in Villeneuve is outdoors and it opens (in 2021) from mid June till mid September.
My son is definitely ready for the Open Water and hopefully soon we’ll all be able to dive together in the sea.

The Scuba Shop is specialized in diving, apnea, swimming, sailing and everything that has to do with the underwater universe. They sell all kind of equipment, provide training and act also as a diving travel agency. 






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