Snowshoeing in Les Marécottes was a great discovery this past winter. I knew it for its zoo and natural swimming pools, but not as a ski domain. We took the cable car up to La Creusaz and walked down to the village. We were lucky as it was sunny and the fresh snow was abundant. You should not underestimate; going down can be as tough as going up (specially for the knees). We loved the views and the snowshoeing trail was nicely hidden in the forest. There is so much to do also in summer that we’ll certainly come back! I am so much looking forward for the summer hikes, but not only. Right next to Les Marécottes Zoo, the alpine swimming pool is nestled in the rocks. In a stunning, idyllic setting cut into the rock, it is in complete harmony with the natural alpine environment; and it’s heated thanks to a solar-powered system (see dedicated post for both the swimming pool and the zoo).

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