During our stay in Morgins, we were able to enjoy plentifully the domain. Snowshoeing is a great alternative to skiing, so on this day, while my husband and kid were skiing, I tried to do a 7km loop snowshoeing starting at the village and up to Savolaire. This is a loop that can be done on both directions. You can choose to go up by the rather steep trail climbing in a zig-zag, and go down by the road which is not used in winter and therefore you can walk in the fresh powder snow. The road side is longer, but on the other hand, the physical effort is lower. This snowshoeing itinerary is really nice and you’ll be amazed by the views to the Dents-du-Midi; an imposing three-kilometer-long mountain range with its seven famous peaks. I was totally alone we have had heavy snowfalls in the past days. I chose to take the road side to go up, but the last km was extremely difficult (deep snow and very windy), so I played it safe and came down again by the road (so a much longer walk). On the other side, the early skiing really paid off for my husband and son as the mountains were almost entirely to them with great powder snow.





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