E-biking in the fabulous Gryon countryside trail #582 – VD

Yesterday we did an awesome e-bike loop called “au pays de petits diables” in Gryon (route 582 Barboleuse-Taveyanne-Frience-Barboleuse). With 600m elevation, it is classified as medium in terms of difficulty, but with an e-bike it is rather easy.It is an idyllic countryside trail soaked up with tranquility in the middle of mountain pastures and providing […]

Mushroom hunting in Gryon – VD

With the arrival of the autumn, we love going into the forest to hunt for mushrooms and afterwards, cook a delicious pasta or risotto. One of our favorite spots for this is in Gryon, very close to Villars. This is a lovely walk (can be done in a loop) also during summer when the fields […]

Hiking in Gryon – Villars – VD

Gryon-Villars-Gryon was a very long hike (about 10Km), but we enjoyed very much the stunning mountain scenery and the peacefulness of this trail. After the snow melts, the fields transform into a colorful carpet of flowers. Nature is something truly amazing!  https://goo.gl/maps/sZkMiMhZnKrSQ9Hb9 https://www.villars-diablerets.ch/en/Z10624/hiking_ #gryon #hike #vaudalps  #vaud #switzerland🇨🇭 #3kfamilyadventures

Winter hike in Gryon – VD

I personally love hiking in Gryon during the summer, but this winter we discovered a new trail which was lovely. It was a steep walk but the views are stunning from up there. We could admire the unspoiled nature that is offered in the region of Villars-Gryon and Bex. In this unique and peaceful atmosphere […]