Quand automne rime avec vendanges!! – VD

This year we had the opportunity to participate in the « vendanges » or grape’s harvesting season in the Lavaux; a UNESCO World Heritage site. Thanks to Constance from L’ATELIER Oeno’ludique who, after a warm welcome, introduced us to the know-how of wine-growers and grape pickers. It’s fascinating!!! This is a paying activity and for CHF 30 […]

Having fondue inside a wine barrel, unique and unforgettable experience – VD

I surprised my husband on our 16th wedding anniversary with this unique experience in Lavaux (UNESCO World Heritage). Eating a fondue inside a wine barrel surrounded by endless wine yards and the most spectacular views was simply memorable and so romantic. We repeated the experience with our son and best buddies last weekend; they loved […]

Walk around the Lavaux vineyards – VD

We’re fortunate to live next to the UNESCO-classified terraced vineyards of the Lavaux. No matter the season, this is a spot for inspiration. Perfect for walking, jogging or cycling, you can spend your energy in an exceptional setting. The terraces stretch for about 30km. There is some evidence that they can be tracked to the […]