Also known as the Bisse du Torrent Neuf, the bisse de Savièse were built at the beginning of the 15th century. The bisse was known as one of the most ambitious and perilous projects in the region. It was built to capture the water from the river named Nétage in Savièse, until a tunnel was built in 1935 and the bisse was abandoned.
Totally restored in 2005, it became a spectacular attraction. It is a 6km easy hike (one way) offering striking views from platforms built on sheer rock faces and 3 suspended bridges of about 100m long.

It is absolutely NOT recommended for those suffering from fear of heights, and children must be carefully watched at all times. The best period to visit is from June to October. Part of the bisse is closed in case of rain or strong winds.

We hiked 3 km and took the same way back. But I learned afterwards that if you finish the full path, there’s the possibility to take one of the occasional buses from Tripon back to Savièse.
There are two bistros on the trail and a big area for camping cars to park.

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