We have visited Saillon several times and in every one of them, we discovered new spots.

On Sunday, the weather was still perfect for a bike ride. It’s the last days to still enjoy the autumn 🍂 colors of the endless valley vine yards.

We did a super cool loop starting from the town all the way up to the famous footbridge known as “Passerelle à Farinet”.

We did 14.5 km (including few ups and downs as we got lost) with an elevation of 560m. It’s an easy ride with the E-bike and we enjoyed the amazing views during the entire ride.

With its almost 100m long, the Farinet footbridge spans the Salantze gorges at 136m high. It offers a breathtaking views of the RhĂ´ne plain and the peaks of The Valley.

The Farinet footbridge is accessible on foot from the villages of Saillon and/or Leytron. It’s a beautiful hike in the footsteps of the famous counterfeiter Joseph-Samuel Farinet also known as “Robin Hood of the Alps”.

Check out my previous post and reel about the “Grotte de Géant” and the thermal gorges of Salentze. You can couple both visits when coming to Saillon.





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