During one of our trips to La Fouly (see specific post), we went for a random e-bike tour which transformed into a steep hike to the famous Lacs de Fenêtre.

🚴 from Caping des Glaciers (1,600 masl)
➡️ passed the Buvette des Ars (1,800 masl) 🥾↗️ up to Lacs de Fenêtre (2,456 masl).

It was a very tiring hike considering the blazing sun and our lack of preparation. We had no walking sticks, no caps, and no water. A very nice guy felt sorry for us and gave us his water bottle; thank you Laurent 🙏🏻.

So after almost 2 hours and aprox 650m higher up, we reach one of the lakes.

This is a well known hike in the depths of Switzerland, not far from the Col du
Grand-Saint-Bernard and very close to the Italian border. The views are unforgettable!

On our way back we stopped at the Buvette des Ars; they have excellent dairy products and serve a fantastic 🫕. A good reward after the effort 👏🏻🙌🏻😬








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