Gruyères town and its magnificent castle appear to have emerged straight out of the Middle Ages. It is located on a hill at the foot of the Pre-Alps. The town seems to have been not affected by the passage of time and has kept its perfect medieval character. On this day, the entire town and its residents flew back on time to make us live those ancient times. Legendary specialties were cooked, battles were organized, all sort of medieval activities were offered to the visitors; it was unreal!. The castle is a 13th century fortification. Visiting the castle, its knights hall, turrets, defensive walls and garden is a fantastic experience by itself. But with the full medieval setup, it was just a memorable adventure; we loved it. Cars are not allowed in the town, but there is enough parking at the entrance of Gruyères or downhill. When visiting Gruyères, don’t miss the chance to eat a delicious fondue and a meringue with double cream.

In a complete contrast, you can also visit the Hans Ruedi Giger Museum where you will appreciate surreal paintings & sculptures by the artist known for the “Alien” movies. Facing the museum, you can step through the bar and plunge into the immersive artistic universe of Ruedi. From floor to ceiling, the entire bar is a mirror of his unique work. This biomechanical atmosphere can be found even in the furniture with its bone like structures. We are not much into the Alien universe, so have not visited the museum, only had a quick look at the bar.

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