Saillon is a tiny peaceful village in the Valais full of charm and history. Situated on a rocky spur, it was a strategic position for the Duke of Savoy who took possession of Saillon at the beginning of the 13th century. The dream of glory came to an end in 1475 when the Savoy castles in lower Valais, including the one in Saillon, were set on fire by the enemies. The area is an important wine producer; the first written reference to vines dates back to 1052. Walking up The Bayart tower shouldn’t be missed; the views down to the vineyards are spectacular; specially during autumn when they turn into warm red and orange colors. Walking through the thin alleys of this lovely medieval town is like travelling back on time. Saillon is an attractive destination not only because of its 1,000 year old turret, but also because of its authenticity, wines, craftsmen and of course J. S. Farinet; the much-loved bandit and counterfeiter who hid and died in here. An entire museum and a suspended bridge are dedicated to him. There are few charming restaurants and wineries to be tried out.

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