Yesterday we had the perfect weather conditions to visit the frozen Lac de Joux. We love it and had great fun even though we couldn’t rent ⛸ 🤷🏻‍♀️

A unique experience in an ideal decor, ice-skating or walking on the Lac de Joux is an unforgettable moment that you have to experience once in a lifetime!

At winter’s coldest, the 9.5 square km of the Lac de Joux transform into an immense natural ice-skating rink.

The banks of the lake are animated by refreshment stands held by local organisations, while ice-skaters, walkers and families set off to have fun on the frozen surface of the lake.

The most popular spots on the lake are in the villages of Le Pont and L’Abbaye as well as at the beachs of Le Rocheray in Le Sentier.

What conditions must be met for the lake to freeze? 🧐

The freezing of the lake is a natural phenomenon that depends on several weather factors including:

✅ Series of very cold nights (-15°C/-20°C)
✅ Smooth water (no wind)
Cold and short days (December to February)
✅ Minimum ice thickness of between 7 to 10cm

⁉️Zoom into the first picture here below…. What do you see ? Did you see the bike?





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