WAKE UP Gstaad, the highest wake park in Europe – BE

This was a weekend of all superlatives!!! Wakeboarding at 1,800m admiring those breathtaking views is quite unique. Check out the video here below; it gives you a good idea of what you can expect 😉 Thanks again to the coolest team: Alex, Yvan and Fred. You guys and Tino made Noah feel like a fish […]

Lauenensee, an idyllic Swiss mountain lake by Gstaad – BE

Lake Lauenen (or Lauenensee) are actually two lakes at an altitude of 1381m above sea level, and they are located in the middle of the Gelten-Iffigen natural reserve. The lakes are the ideal destination for hikers, bikers, nature lovers and romantics a like. There are two wooden piers at the smaller of the two lakes […]

Living LA DOLCE VITA with The Riviera Style! – VD

😎☀️⛱🫶 🍹 From 17th May to 15th and 30th September tune in to the Dolce Riviera spirit in La Tour de Peilz and/or Vevey. The Riviera’s set to Mediterranean time, offering you a relaxing and unforgettable summer. Go for a swim, sunbathe, enjoy a relaxing lakeside stroll, savour a local speciality on a terrace – […]

L’Etang de la Gruère; a true paradise for nature lovers – JU

¿What happened to the sweet smell of spring and the sunshine feeling good in our skin…? We went in a week time from cherry blossoms and bathing suits, to winter jackets and snow boots. But it didn’t stop us to adventure ourselves into winter wonderland as we visited the natural reserve of “Etang de la […]

Subterranean lake of St – Leonard – VS

Explored for the first time in 1943, the subterranean lake of St-Leonard is located between Sion and Sierre in the heart of the Swiss Alps along the Rhone valley. With a length of around 300 meters this is the largest natural underground lake in Europe which can be explored by boat (swimming is forbidden).You can […]

Taney lake, a tiny piece of heaven – VS

Taney lake is a tiny piece of paradise at the heart of one of the finest natural reserves in the Alps.Located at an altitude of 1,500m overlooking the Rhône, it was declared a national natural heritage in the 60’s. Taney lake enjoys an idyllic setting surrounded by mountains. The lakeshores and meadows are covered with […]

Hiking around Oeschinen Lake – BE

This was another memorable trip with our besties. Lake Oeschinen is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered by many (including me 😀) to be the most beautiful mountain lake in the Alps. It is fed by glacial streams of several peaks. This is THE paradise for nature lovers and hikers. You can hire a […]

Wakesurfing in Lac Leman – VD

Sharing a boat with our best buddies has been one of the best decisions we’ve taken, and will never regret it. The adventures we’ve lived together and the countless memories are priceless. We have learned together, we built the passion for wake surfing together and after many attempts, we witnessed the joy and satisfaction of […]