Lake Lauenen (or Lauenensee) are actually two lakes at an altitude of 1381m above sea level, and they are located in the middle of the Gelten-Iffigen natural reserve.

The lakes are the ideal destination for hikers, bikers, nature lovers and romantics a like.

There are two wooden piers at the smaller of the two lakes close to the restaurant. It is from here where you can go swimming or just dip your feet.

The loop trail is just over 3 km and takes around 1 hour to complete.

There are 2 waterfalls near the lake Lauenen:

– Tungelschuss Fall
– Geltenschuss Fall

On a hot summer day, hikers can cool off nicely under the waterfall.

Do you know what does Shangri-la mean?
✅ A remote beautiful imaginary peaceful place where life approaches perfection.
Lauenensee is an ideal example of it 🤩🤩🤩







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