Lauenensee, an idyllic Swiss mountain lake by Gstaad – BE

Lake Lauenen (or Lauenensee) are actually two lakes at an altitude of 1381m above sea level, and they are located in the middle of the Gelten-Iffigen natural reserve. The lakes are the ideal destination for hikers, bikers, nature lovers and romantics a like. There are two wooden piers at the smaller of the two lakes […]

Trümmelbach subterranean waterfalls, a gift of nature! – BE

Loud thundering and roaring in the interior of the mountain, gurgling, foaming and churning water: these are the Trümmelbach Falls. They are Europe’s largest subterranean water falls and are located in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, often called the valley of 72 waterfalls. It’s a series of ten glacier-fed waterfalls inside the mountain made accessible by a […]

Grandvillard, listed as one of the most beautiful villages – FR

“The Most Beautiful Villages in Switzerland “ is an independent association founded in 2015 with the aim of protecting, promoting and coordinating in a tourist network the Swiss Municipalities that, meeting the criteria set out in the quality character, are classified as such. There are 43 villages officially classified including Grandvillard (Fribourg) which we visited […]

Short, easy and gorgeous bike ride in the Simme Valley – BE

We continue to make very soft activities until the doctor’s give David their green card to be able to do more serious sports. So we chose a short, flat, effortless e-bike ride in Lenk where we’re staying a couple of days. The sightseeing from the valley are gorgeous and the powerful waterfall really amazing. The […]

Downhill bike ride in Lenk – BE

We got inspired by the scooter alpine downhill adventure proposed in Lenk and decided to follow the same path but biking. This is an easy nine km trail from the mountain station of Leiterli to the valley station of Betelberg (800 m elevation starting at 1,943m above sea level). Imposing mountain views are guaranteed. From […]

Dard waterfall, simply enchanting! – VD

Starting from the romantic medieval town of Romainmôtier in the Jura-Nord Vaudois (see dedicated post), the route follows the canal du Nozon and the gorges to finally come face to face with the enchanting Dard waterfall.The dense vegetation will make you think of a rainforest. This place will withdraw you from the stress of the […]

Les Gorges de la Jogne – FR

Les Gorges de la Jogne in Gruyere. Easy and extremely beautiful hike of 3.5km between Broc and the dam of Montsalvens. You’ll admire a spectacular wild nature such as the waterfall and unbelievable rock formations. A family adventure guaranteed thanks to its multiple bridges, tunnels, galleries and even a natural climbing wall which enhance the […]

The Chavanettes waterfalls and the charming medieval town of Rue – FR

The Chavanettes waterfalls are located near the medieval town of Rue in Fribourg. They are also known as the Broye waterfalls in reference to the river that shapes them. These charming waterfalls measuring 4m high and 30m long are an idyllic spot for a family or friends outing on a river during the summer. It’s […]

The Staubbach Falls in Lauterbrunnen – BE

On our way back from Zürich we made a short stop at Lauterbrunnen in the Bern region. It is situated in one of the most impressive trough valleys in the Alps, between gigantic rock faces and mountain peaks. The very name “Lauter Brunnen” which means “Many Fountains” suggests the magnificence of this landscape. There are […]

Visiting the Rhine Falls – ZH

The Rhine Falls, an amazing natural spectacle not to be missed. Even though the height of the falls is only 23m; they are 150m wide and the capacity of flow during summer can attain 600,000 liters per second 😲. This makes them the most powerful waterfall in Europe. When you are down by the platform, […]