The Rhine Falls, an amazing natural spectacle not to be missed. Even though the height of the falls is only 23m; they are 150m wide and the capacity of flow during summer can attain 600,000 liters per second 😲. This makes them the most powerful waterfall in Europe. When you are down by the platform, you are so close to the falls, that you can feel the strength going through your body in a unique way. The enormous flow of water is also hypnotic or mesmerizing. You can reach by boat the central rocks to get a different and special angle. Tickets for the boat rides cannot be purchased in the visitor center. You can purchase them directly from one of the boat operators at the Schloss Laufen or Schlössli Wörth docking stations. There are nice hiking and biking paths around the falls area too. The Rhine Falls are located in the high Rhine on the border between the cantons of Zürich and Schaffhausen.

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