This was a weekend of all superlatives!!! Wakeboarding at 1,800m admiring those breathtaking views is quite unique. Check out the video here below; it gives you a good idea of what you can expect 😉

Thanks again to the coolest team: Alex, Yvan and Fred. You guys and Tino made Noah feel like a fish in the water; he didn’t want to leave.

We had so much fun. By the way… The ping-pong competition is NOT over 😅🏓… We’ll be back soon!


On the lake at the Hornberg you have the possibility to ride a System 2.0 from Sesitec and to improve your wakeboarding skills.
The ride time is about 13 minutes per session.
Rental gear (wakeboard, wetsuit, helmet and life jacket) is included. However you can also bring your own gear.
An instructor will introduce you to wakeboarding and give you valuable tips to improve your skills.

A cool bar offers drinks and snacks. A rustic but nice warm shower is available as well as other side activities like a mini ramp, slack line and a ping pong table.

After two great sessions of wakeboard, my husband and I took the bikes and did a nice tour around the mountain while our son stayed to play some more ping-pong with the team of Wake Up 🙂







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