¿What happened to the sweet smell of spring and the sunshine feeling good in our skin…?

We went in a week time from cherry blossoms and bathing suits, to winter jackets and snow boots.

But it didn’t stop us to adventure ourselves into winter wonderland as we visited the natural reserve of “Etang de la Gruère” in the canton of Jura.

This place is a heaven of peace and a true paradise for nature lovers. Classified as a marshland of national importance, the lake itself is 600m long, 60m wide at its narrowest point, and around 5m deep. In winter skating is allowed at visitors’ own risk as the thickness of the ice is not monitored. It is an excellent spot for swimming during the summer.

A beautiful path for hikers has been designed to enjoy a max. the scenery. I was enchanted by the place and will definitely come back in summer or autumn.









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