Light on Ice, the newest attraction by Montreux Noël – VD

This is the first year that the Montreux Christmas market offers such an attraction. From 26.11.2021 to 09.01.2022, you can visit this indoors, colorful, illuminated pathway on ice. It really changes from the typical oval ice rink. All the decorations add a bit of magic to the experience. There’s an ice bar serving also alcoholic […]

Clarens-Montreux, a great getaway destination – VD

Clarens, Montreux; Home Sweet Home!. We arrived here 15 years ago and we’re not ready to move. Nestled between steep hills and the lakeside plus the stunning Alps as background, Montreux is known for its mild microclimate, but not only. The Montreux Jazz festival, its beautiful Christmas market, the Chillon castle, the colorful and manicured […]